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Our Partners

DAS B is a campaign that wants to keep important Berlin values such as tolerance, openness and ignorance alive. We participate because we want Berlin to stay Berlin!

Robert and Max from upupstudios are specialised in aerial photography, or, in other words, our guys to see Berlin from above.

According to a survey, Lars, Maik and Stoyko are THE professionals when it comes to surveys. Certificated and award-winning privacy included.

We can't actually fly, but we DO always have cutting edge ideas in the bag. And if we could fly, we'd stay right here where we are: in the fusion of design, photography, film and marketing.

Suse of Schönschlicht makes the most amazing furniture, and is our go-to woman for all our carpentry work

Berlin's network for cooperation. Inspiration. Berlin values. The most heterogenous club of Berlin - where the metropolis becomes an intimate town.