A flipbook is basically an analogue video or GIF you can take away with you. Using a photo booth or photo stand, a short video will be taken and transformed into a small picture book in no more than 90 seconds. When the pages of the book are turned over fast, the little scene that was recorded earlier will come to life. The flipbook is a unique way to make your event unforgettable, and there is no question that your guest will go out of their way to create the most absurd, amusing and hilarious scenes.

  • L‘oreal | Motorwerk

    L‘oreal | Motorwerk

  • The Supermarket | Father Graham

  • L‘oreal | Motorwerk

    L‘oreal | Motorwerk

  • Klarna | Brew Dog

    Klarna | Brew Dog

  • Adjust | Kino International

    Adjust | Kino International

  • PUBG | Hurricane Factory

  • Agentur Seidel | Palais am Funkturm

    Agentur Seidel | Palais am Funkturm

  • PUBG | Hurricane Factory

    PUBG | Hurricane Factory

  • Warehouse Visions | Neuzeit Ost

    Warehouse Visions | Neuzeit Ost

  • Klarna | Brew Dog

    Klarna | Brew Dog

  • YouTube | YouTube Space

    YouTube | YouTube Space

  • Full process takes no more than 2 minutes.
  • Operator/Hostess included
  • all prints included
  • DSLR Camera & High Performance Printers
  • Berlin-wide delivery included – Europe-wide delivery at delivery costs
  • Customisable front cover of the flip-book
  • Complete photo stand customisation and branding
  • Individual theme implementation through large back drop selection & personalized props 
  • All flipbooks are also available on a password protected server

The size of our flip book is 7.5 x 5cm. The cover can be completely designed according to your wishes. For the rest of the 27 pages your creativity is needed.

  • DSLR camera
  • high quality dye-sublimation printers
  • Event support by our experienced hostesses
  • robust and event proven
  • Instant high quality printouts
  • Set-up & dismantling included
  • Branding of the photo stand, screen menu and flipbook-cover

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That's what's in it

  • from 4h usage time
  • all prints included
  • Set-up & dismantling included
  • Operator/Hostess included
  • prop set regular
  • flipbook cover branding included
  • Password protected online gallery
  • High performance printers & DSLR camera
  • Backdrop included