GIF Booth

Dance a little dance, kiss your darling, toss some confetti, pop the champagne. Our GIF booths are the modern and fun twist to the classic photo booth. A series of four photos is turned into an animation which will immediately be sent to your guests, allowing them to instantly share them on social media. Next to the classic GIF, the GIF booth can also create video loops, more popularly known as Boomerangs. The GIFs don’t just get the party started, they are the party!

  • XMAS | Boomerang

  • We are tomorrow | Classic GIF

  • Under the Sea | Boomerang

  • Twitch Con | Classic GIF

  • confetti | Boomerang

  • Jimmy Choo | Boomerang

  • Fitness Diaries | Classic GIF

  • Donut | Boomerang

  • Bubbles | Classic GIF

  • MBFW | Classic GIF

  • Email sending included
  • All GIFs available on our password protected server
  • Customizable overlays and layouts
  • optional GDPR compliant gallery deluxe
  • Berlin-wide delivery included – Europe-wide delivery at delivery costs
  • optional Individual branding and customized menu navigation
  • Technical support during event included
  • convenient sharing on social media
  • slideshow-integration

Almost anything is possible!
Colored backgrounds, overlays, logos, fonts, hashtags, graphics...

Together we create your desired layout!

  • digital DSLR camera
  • Use of high quality dye-sublimation printers
  • Intuitive operation via touchscreen and foolproof handling
  • Integration of photo filters, GIF'S, graphics, videos, boomerangs, GDPR compliant user queries, menu branding, emailing, etc.
  • Robust, space-saving and event-proven
  • immediate high-quality printouts
  • customizable voice output
  • Studio flash for excellent image quality


show your brand!



For the atmospheric overall concept


user queries

Transparent data collection for your marketing purposes



from the photo booth into the world


gallery deluxe

premium sharing options: QR, SMS, E-Mail, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Download...



Pimp your photos with accessories

That's what's in it

  • from 6 h usage time
  • Set-up & dismantling included, dismantling on the following day without additional costs
  • Technical support during the event included
  • prop sets
  • preconfigured photo layouts or integration and design of individual photo layout
  • e-mail your photo
  • standard online gallery, gallery deluxe optional
  • photo filters