magic mirror

Tadaaa, our photo mirror offers you the best stage for your party photos. With its portrait format, it is the true professional for group photos and prints you the most beautiful memories for your photo albums.

The foolproof touch screen operation and its user-friendly interface won't let any party guest down.

Equipped with a high-performance printer and a DSLR camera, you'll get your snapshot in seconds.

We recommend a backdrop as the icing on the cake!

  • Photo flat rate: All prints included
  • All photos available to you in a password-protected online environment
  • Customisable photo layouts
  • DSLR camera and high-performance photo printer
  • Berlin-wide delivery included – Europe-wide delivery at delivery costs
  • Immediate printing that only takes a couple of seconds
  • Technical support during event included
  • Includes possibility to take GIFs & videos, slideshow on a separate screen or projecor

The mirror is perfect for portrait format. But of course you can still let your imagination run wild and create your own layout.

Whether frames or hearts, fonts, graphics or overlays, almost anything is possible.

We are happy to support and advise you!

  • interactive touchscreen
  • Use of high quality dye-sublimation printers
  • 24h support
  • digital DSLR camera
  • Set-up & dismantling included
  • easy operation
  • Attractive image format

magic mirror specials



from the mirror into the world



put the cherry on the cake


wooden props

for photos with a statement



Plenty of room for your creativity


gallery deluxe

share photos with your friends and family



improve your photos


  • 6 h (until midnight)
  • Set-up & dismantling included, dismantling on the following day without additional costs
  • prop set light (DIY)
  • choose between numerous preconfigured layouts
  • all prints included


  • 8 h
  • Set-up & dismantling included
  • prop set regular
  • Standardlayouts
  • choose between numerous preconfigured layouts
  • e-mail your photo


  • 8 h
  • Set up up to 48h before the start of the event
  • prop set deluxe
  • Integration and design of individual photo layouts
  • all prints included
  • Photo filter, GIF / Boomerang (Insta-ready)
  • Backdrop or red VIP carpet with golden cords