Photo Stand

Our photo stand gives you the experience of having a compact, mobile photo studio of your own. There is a variety of backdrops and props to choose from, and enough space to, quite literally, think outside of the box. With all this, you and your guests can truly get creative and take the most surprising, funny and beautiful pictures.

  • Love Circus | Heeresbäckerei

    Love Circus | Heeresbäckerei

  • wedding | Kulturgut Wrechen

    wedding | Kulturgut Wrechen

  • Kiezhochzeit | Hotel Oderberger

    Kiezhochzeit | Hotel Oderberger

  • wedding | Roadrunner's Paradise

    wedding | Roadrunner's Paradise

  • christmas party | Schlosshotel Berlin

    christmas party | Schlosshotel Berlin

  • birthday | WECC

    birthday | WECC

  • wedding | Fabrik23

    wedding | Fabrik23

  • birthday | Crown Plaza

    birthday | Crown Plaza

  • birthday | Alice Rooftop

    birthday | Alice Rooftop

  • wedding | 21 Gramm

    wedding | 21 Gramm

  • Photo flat rate: All prints included
  • All photos available to you in a password-protected online environment
  • Customisable photo layouts
  • DSLR camera and high-performance photo printer
  • Berlin-wide delivery included – Europe-wide delivery at delivery costs
  • Complete photo booth customisation and branding 
  • Immediate printing that only takes a couple of seconds
  • Technical support during event included
  • Includes possibility to take GIFs & videos, slideshow on a separate screen or projecor

Almost anything is possible!
Colored backgrounds, overlays, logos, fonts, hashtags, graphics, two, three or four images...

Together we create your desired layout!

  • digital DSLR camera
  • Use of high quality dye-sublimation printers
  • Intuitive operation via touchscreen and foolproof handling
  • Integration of photo filters, GIF'S, graphics, videos, boomerangs, GDPR compliant user queries, menu branding, emailing, etc.
  • Compact with little space requirement
  • immediate high-quality printouts
  • Studio flash for excellent image quality


improve your photos



Plenty of room for your creativity



Greetings & congratulations go out to....



Let's get the Party started



put the cherry on the cake



lots of laughs guaranteed at the party


  • 6 h (until midnight)
  • Set-up & dismantling included, dismantling on the following day without additional costs
  • Technical support during the event included
  • prop set light (DIY)
  • choose between numerous preconfigured layouts
  • all prints included


  • 24 h
  • Set-up & dismantling included,
  • Technical support during the event included
  • prop set regular
  • choose between numerous preconfigured layouts
  • all prints included
  • e-mail your photo


  • 24 h
  • Set up up to 48h before the start of the event
  • Technical support during the event included
  • prop set deluxe
  • Integration and design of individual photo layouts
  • all prints included
  • e-mail your photo
  • Photo filter, GIF / Boomerang (Insta-ready)
  • GIF / Boomerang
  • choose from dozens of backdrops